About Ayse Celasun

Ayse's musical journey began at the age of five when her father enrolled her at the Conservatory of Istanbul. As a teen, she was inspired in her artistic pursuit by an aunt who ran off to study fine arts in Paris.  Ayse soon followed, thanks to a scholarship, to study with the legendary Germaine Mounier at the École Normale de Musique de Paris.

Her journey continued once she received her conservatory degree as well as a degree in musicology at the University of Paris VIII.

She set off to perform and teach. She traveled to Italy, Germany and her native Turkey. Performance has always been important to Ayse in her role as a music educator.

In 1989 she departed for New York where she studied with great Soviet pianist Arkady Aronov. She returned to Paris in 1991 to teach, perform and studying conducting with Sergiu Celibidache, a celebrated principal conductor of several major European orchestras.

She studied with Marie-Françoise Bucquet who is known for her extensive recordings, concert tours and her own Paris concert series called “Sons Croisés”. Ayse has been a guest artist for the “Sons Croisés” series which has hosted more than 200 musicians from 47 countries. Her work with Marie-Francoise proved enriching and inspiring. Ayse shares Marie-Françoise conviction that teaching is not about sharing what we know, but rather who we are.

Presently Ayse is a professor at the Conservatoire National de Musique in Créteil, a Paris suburb. Recently, she took a sabbatical from her Paris post to return to her country of birth where she collaborated with the composers Ahmet Yurur and Alper Maral on original compositions.

Ayse's musical journey now brings her to Chicago where she inaugurates FAM - PS (Fine Arts Music – Performance and Scholarship). FAM - PS is a natural next step in Ayse's commitment to the value of an enriching musical education. FAM - PS gives young students in Chicago, Paris and Turkey, who otherwise may not have the means, an opportunity to explore the world of western classical music.