October 26, 2019 — Caroline Oltmanns, piano

Couperin · Janacek · Beethoven · Debussy · Liszt

WIND — A natural Phenomenon depicted in Music
Wind is part of everyday’s life. From a gentle breeze to a thunder storm, we all have been exposed to its impact.
Throughout the history of classical music composers have expressed the impact of wind in different ways. From a quiet breeze in Francois : “Little Windmills” to Franz Liszt’s poignant vision of a violent storm in his “Orage” the program surveys the different aspects of wind captured in music.
Caroline Oltmanns leads through the program of works depicting wind with short introductions about the pieces and insights in the composers’ perception of the invisible phenomenon.
The evening includes works by Couperin, Janacek, Beethoven, Debussy, and Liszt.